API Driven
Privacy Policy Generation

Instantly generate a privacy policy for your
website or app using our API.


curl -X \ POST https://www.privacypolicyace.com/api/generate \ -d '{ "general": {"companyName": "Acme Inc.", "url": "acme.com", "email": "[email protected]"}}'

Full input schema

This is a request body with all fields filled out. The only required fields are the ones in "general"

{ "general": { "companyName": "acme Inc.", "url": "acme.com", "email": "[email protected]" }, "thirdParty": { "cookies": false, "analytics": false, "ads": { "enabled": false, "shopify": false, "google": false } }, "pixels": { "enabled": false, "facebook": false, "google": false }, "regulations": { "gdpr": { "enabled": true }, "ccpa": { "enabled": true, "sellsInfo": false } }, "settings": { "includeStyles": true } }